MySQL: Error No. 1033 Incorrect information in file: ‘filename’

This is one of those ‘OMG Eriky, you saved my ass!’ posts.

You probably came here after searching for this error. Before you try anything else, check if your /tmp directory exists and if it has the right permissions. If not, create it and do a “chmod 777 /tmp”. MySQL will give you the weirdest errors if it can not use the /tmp folder.

If this does not help, check your /etc/mysql/my.cnf. There could be a line somewhere, stating which directory to use as a temporary directory. Create that directory, or remove/change the line so MySQL uses your /tmp folder instead.

  1. ‘OMG Eriky, you saved my ass!’

  2. I am running MySQL in solaris in a cluster of 3 nodes. Getting this error suddenly. Please help.

  3. The above stuff does not help for you? Do you have space left on your hard drive?

  4. That variable in my.cnf is:


  5. This also happens if you’ve messed with the InnoDB Buffer pool settings in my.ini or my.cnf before shutting down the server.

    The solution is to shut down mysql and remove the ib_logfile* files from the mysql data dir, and then restart mysql.

    As long as the server was shut down cleanly, it should come back up and this error will stop.

  6. Thanks MJH,
    It will work for me….

  7. Thanks a lot…now we know how to act… 😉

  8. ghasem fattahpour

    thanks MJH. it is work!!!

  9. OMG MJH, you saved my ass! 😆

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