Sniffing http headers with Wireshark

If you are ever in need of seeing http requests and responses, you can use this little snippet that I “borrowed” directly from this blog. You need to install WireShark first. On a mac, you can use Darwin ports, use the command sudo port install wireshark. You can also install it on most Linux distributions and there is even a Windows version available for download 😉

tshark -i wlan0 -f 'host' -R 'http' -S -V -l | \
awk '/^[HL]/ {p=30} /^[^ HL]/ {p=0} /^ / {--p} {if (p>0) print}'

Replace wlan0 with the network interface name you use and the ip with the ip of the destination machine.

  1. Thanks! Very useful!

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