MediaWiki: “1048: Column ‘old_id’ cannot be null”

If you get this error with MediaWiki (or any other software) you should look at the properties of your table structure. Most probable is that an “auto_increment” is missing. This problem took me quite a while to find, especially because of lots of people on the web come up with the weirdest explanations and solutions, like simply reinstalling and re-importing the data. Not fun if you are in a hurry and have a table with 7.5 million text files.

  1. This post saved my bacon! My web hosting service did something that erased the auto_increment flag on every table in every database that we had with them, and I was stumped. They said the problem was with my web apps. But of course they had all been working perfectly for over a year, then suddenly all failed at the same time.


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