ESClient: Python ElasticSearch Client

I’ve been working on a little project: a Python client for ElasticSearch. Are there other clients out there? Yeah sure, and they are even pretty decent. Especially pyes is OK. But I’m missing documentation on that one and I don’t like the approach they took on implementing the API. I wanted to create a simple client that stays close to the ElasticSearch REST API. It allows you to directly submit either JSON or a tree of Python objects that can be converted to JSON. ESClient has documented code and supplied unittests that should get you a long way. I plan to write good documentation to get people started quickly as soon as the API starts to reach a stable state.

In a few days I have learned a lot about:

It’s simply awesome how quick and easy you can get something up and running these days. With just a few lines of code and Pythons distutils you can create a source package and a Windows binary, upload it all to PyPI and make it installable for everyone in the world with a single command:

pip install esclient
easy_install esclient

ESClient is still in its early stages and I can assure you the API will change over the coming weeks. I need to implement more API methods and I want to implement bulk indexing. If all API methods are implemented and bulk indexing works I will work towards a stable 1.0.0 release that will also have a stable API. I also want ESClient to handle errors well. This is something that I missed in some other libraries that I have found, like pyelasticsearch.

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