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Mastering ElasticSearch [book review]

I’ve recently had the chance to read Mastering ElasticSearch from Packt Publishing.

I’ll start of by quoting a review from

The authors, Rafal included, are well respected authors in the Solr/ElasticSearch/Lucene community so they clearly have a good grasp on the subject. This shines through in chapters like the Query DSL. However, the editing is pretty poor and frankly, PacktPub would be best placed to at least re-edit this title for the English quality.

So yes, the english is not the best out there, but understandable. A small amount of editing would greatly benefit this book. Besides from that, this book is for the more experienced ElasticSearch users. It could be seen as a sequel to the book “ElasticSearch Server” from the same authors. It covers more advanced topics like routing, shard allocation, advanced query DSL and some advanced java topics like garbage collection, to name a few! In short, this book is for those that are running ElasticSearch on a production site and need to go beyond using the defaults. If you fall into that category, this book is a valuable addition to your bookshelf.